Willy Joosen – Calgary Flames Organist

    Welcome to the official website of Willy Joosen the Calgary Flames organist and one of Calgary’s most respected piano players. Willy has been playing the home games for the Calgary Flames and  Calgary Hitmen for many years but most people do not know a lot about this versatile and consumate keyboardist.

    Willy started playing for the Calgary Flames when they won the Stanley Cup during the 1988/89 season. Playing in the Saddledome during this year was an amazing and exciting time at the home games and has contributed to Willy’s love for playing the hockey organ music and becoming a huge fan of the Calgary Flames.

    Willy has recently won the Greg Bond Memorial Award for his many years of contribution of his compositions and arrangements for the innumerable  musical theatre performances in the city of Calgary.  Kathryn Kerbes, Chair of the jury for the Greg Bond Memorial Award commented: “His musical tastes and talents know little boundary – from playing slow and silky jazz, to well-known classics, to suddenly breaking out into riffs from Ms. Pac Man– you can always be assured the music will be entertaining and fun.  “Willy is a stalwart contributor to the Calgary theatre scene, and has a musical mind like no other.  He definitely embodies the spirit of excellence this award is intended to recognize.”

    Willy has also contributed many hours arranging and performing with the Young Canadians for the many successful performances of the group during the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Willy Joosen Calgary Flames Organist1

     A member of the Calgary Jazz Orchestra a 16-piece jazz ensemble founded in 2004 by director Johnny Summers, Willy Joosen supplies some of the lighter moments in the performances by interjecting themes from video games and game shows. He also plays some of these recognizable melodies at the Flames home games and younger fans will come up to him and give him a thumbs up or comment on how much they liked him playing these video game themes.